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Kulhar Chai

Kulhar Chai

Kulhar Chai is an Indian tradition that is revived as a brand and as a socio – cultural ritual. It is freshly brewed tea, served in eco friendly, single use earthen ware cups. It is an ‘adda’ a place to hang out, have a cuppa, and talk, discuss or indulge in some local snacks. It works on the belief that every situation will become better with a Chai Break and a Cup of Kulhar Chai. It promotes the idea of “Chai Piyo, Break Karo”. Accompanying the Chai, is a set of mouth watering snacks made by local housewives, and marketed by Kulhar Chai.

Chai Piyo, Break Karo

With stress becoming the norm, there is an increasing need to incorporate “a break” from the demands of the day. Promoting this “break” is Kulhar Chai which is positioned as an experiential brand that uses eco friendly Kulhars and serves, hygienic, freshly brewed chai. The Kulhars are made by local ‘Khumbars’, giving much needed business to the local potters and creating opportunities in the rural regions. The brand also promotes local women entrepreneurs, and enables those who make tasty and local dishes to use the outlets to sell their wares. These freshly made local delicacies are a great accompaniment to the chai. It is chai-nashta at its best.

The chai is available in two varieties, the standard Kulhar Chai and the Kulhar Kesari Chai.

Kulhar Chai is a mass-market brand that is positioned as an affordable and enjoyable ‘break’ for the common man. You will find Kulhar Chai outlets in close proximity to high streets, markets, and other busy locations. It incorporates the bazar atmosphere, and becomes part of the city and street life. It is an “adda” for the thirsty and hungry seeking a quick break, and it is promoted as a ritualistic habit.

One of the things that Kulhar Chai fans do, is to have the chai in the Khular, and break the Kulhar when they are done. It is an act that signifies the end of the break, and the breaking of the routine, that brought them to the outlet in the first place. As the slogan says, Chai Piyo, Break Karo!

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Kulhar Kesari Chai

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Maska Pav

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Why Kulhar Chai?

It is freshly brewed in hygienic conditions, is tasty and served piping hot.

It is more than a chai – time it is a break that you deserve.

It promotes eco friendliness with Earthen ware Khulars that are single use.

It is your local “adda" a place where you hang out with friends and socialize, about the events and concerns of the day.